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Abedon (1994)

Chapter authored by Stephen T. Abedon published in 1994.

Abedon, S. T. 1994. Lysis and the interaction of free phages and infected cells, p. 367-405. In: Karam, J. D., E. Kutter, K. Carlson, and B. Guttman (eds.), The Molecular Biology of Bacteriophage T4. ASM Press, Washington, DC. [Google Books]

This is the first paragraph: "The envelope of T4-infected cells undergoes a complex set of changes that affect its stability, its susceptibility to lysozyme-induced degradation, and the fate of other incoming phage. Particularly, superinfection exclusion, resistance to lysis from without, lysis inhibition, and lysis inhibition collapse are all mechanisms involving an interaction between T4-infected cells and subsequently adsorbing T4 phage. This chapter reviews the normal T4 lysis process and, for the first time, what is known of the complex molecular biology of free phage-infected cell interactions. The significance of free phage-infected cell interactions to the in situ life history of wild T4 phage is discussed in detail elsewhere (Abedon, 1989, 1990b, 1992). As an aid to sorting through the vast literature on these subjects, we begin with a set of definitions. Most citations in the text include [in brackets] the name of the phage discussed."


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