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Adams (1959)

Monograph authored by Mark H. Adams published in 1959.

Adams, M. H. 1959. Bacteriophages. Interscience Publishers, Inc., New York.

Adams (1959) was published posthumously (p. vi, M. Delbrück): "Adams started writing this book several years ago, and even he, in spite of his tremendous knowledge, critical ability, and superb expository gifts, found the going very hard. On October 17, 1956, Mark Adams died, of an acute infection, at the age of 44. At that time about three-quarters of the chapters of this book were in a semi-finished state, the rest not begun. Some of the chapters had been finished recently, and were up to date. Some had been written several years ago and needed additions and revision. All of them needed some editing. At the request of Mrs. Adams, a committee consisting of A. D. Hershey, R. D. Hotchkiss, A. M. Pappenheimer, Jr., and E. Racker, in consultation with the publisher, went over the manuscript and decided that several specialists should be invited to write the missing chapters, while Hershey volunteered to edit the others. After proceeding with this plan for some time, it became clear that the editorial job was greater than anticipated, and could not be completed by one man within a reasonable length of time. Accordingly, an inquiry was sent around asking for volunteers for the editing of individual chapters, the over-all editorial responsibility to remain in the hands of Hershey. This inquiry met with a wide response, and the plan was promptly executed."


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