Bacteriophage Ecology Group

Bacteriophage Ecology Group Bacteriophage Ecology Group

Immunity Terms

List of terms associated with the concept of temperate phage immunity.

cI / CICI repressor,  cII / CII,  Clear mutant,  Clear-plaque mutantCoinfectionDestructive infectionHeteroimmuneHomoimmunity,  ImmunityImmunity groupImmunity regionImmunity type,  LysogenLysogeny,  Lysogenic cycleLysogenic infectionLysogenic state,  LysogenizationLytic-lysogeny decisionPolylysogeny,  ProphageRepressorResident prophage,  Restrictive hostRestrictive infection,  Secondary infectionSuperinfectionSuperinfection immunityTemperate phageVirulent mutantVirulent phage

References: Little (2005) and Ptashne (2004).

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