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Plaque Terms

List of terms associated with the concept of plaques and their formation.

Absolute efficiency of plating,  Bullís eye plaque,  CapacityClear mutant,  Clear plaque,  Clear-plaque mutantConfluent lysis,  Diffusion,  Direct-plating plaquing method,  Double agar overlay,  Double-overlay plaquing method,  Efficiency of center of infection (ECOI)Efficiency of platingEPS depolymerase,  Indicator bacteriaInfectious centerInfective centerLawnLysis inhibition,  Microcolony,  Mixed indicator method,  Parental infection,  Phage population growth,  Phage typingPlaquePlaque count,  Plaque fecundity,  Plaque formation,  Plaque forming ability,  Plaque-forming unitPlaque haloPlaque morphologyPlaque productivityPlaque yieldPreadsorptionReaction-diffusionReduced infection vigorRelative efficiency of platingRestrictive hostSoft agar overlaySpottingTiterWave front

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