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Multiplicity Terms

List of terms associated with the concept of phage multiplicity.

AdsorptionAdsorption (rate) constantAdsorption rate,  Bound free phage,  CapacityCoinfectionFree phageInfected bacteria,  InfectionIrreversible adsorptionKilling titerLysis from withoutMass action,  MOIactualMOIinputMultiple adsorption,  Multiple infection,  Multiplicity of adsorption,  Multiplicity of infection (MOI)Poisson distribution,  Residual fractionSaturation,  Secondary adsorptionSecondary infectionSingle infectionSuperinfectionTarget bacteria,  TiterVirus particle, 

References:  Abedon (2011a, 2011b, 2011c),  Abedon and Thomas-Abedon (2010)Hyman and Abedon (2010),  and Kasman et al. (2002).

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